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Stretch Reference Manuals

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Assembler Reference (.pdf 972Kb)  
Users guide to the GNU assembler configured for the Xtensa architecture

C Math Library (.pdf 332Kb)  
Reference manual for the Stretch library of C mathematical functions

C Preprocessor (.pdf 388Kb)  
Reference Manual for the preprocessor for the Stretch C Compiler

C Support Library (.pdf 944Kb)  
Reference Manual for the Stretch C library

iostream Reference Library (.pdf 404Kb)  
Reference manual for the Stretch iostream library

The following documents are available through our customer portal. Please go the the customer portal registration page to request a user name and password to gain access to these documents. If you are already a registered user, you may download the documents from the customer portal at any time.

SCP Architecture Reference Part 1(.pdf)  
Stretch Software Configurable Processor Reference Manual Part 1 v1.1

SCP Architecture Reference Part 1 and 2(.pdf)  
Stretch Software Configurable Processor Reference Manual Part 1 and 2 v1.1

SCP Architecture Reference Part 3(.pdf)  
Stretch Software Configurable Processor Architecture Reference Manual Part 3 v1.0

Binary Utilities(.pdf)  
Stretch Binary Utilities Reference Manual

Instruction Set Simulator(.pdf)  
Stretch Instruction Set Simulator Reference Manual 2007.11

Linker Support Package(.pdf)  
Stretch Linker Support Package Reference Manual

S6000 Peripheral Reference(.pdf)  
Stretch S6000 Peripheral Reference Manual

Stretch SCP Programmer\'s Reference(.pdf)  
Guide to programming Stretch S6000 and S7000 software configurable processors

Stretch Instruction Set Architecture Reference(.pdf)  
Description of instructions that make up the Stretch ISA

Stretch Debug Support Board Reference 2.0(.pdf)  
IPC and DVR Debug Support Board Reference

Stretch Boot Loader Reference(.pdf)  
Boot Loader User Reference

Programmable Accelerator Architecture Reference(.pdf)  
Descriptions of instructions in the S6 Programmable Accelerator

ARM-to-ARM Inter-processor Communication(.pdf)  
Describes the ARM-to-ARM communication facilities that let an ARM processor within one S7 chip communicate with an ARM processor in another S7 chip.