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Press Release
June 26, 2012

Stretch Introduces World's First Tri-mode Standalone DVR

VRM7008HD Supports Effio, PAL/NTSC, and HDcctv

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 26th 2012 – Stretch Inc., the pioneer and leader in software configurable processors, today announced the release of its VRM7008HD tri-mode standalone DVR reference design kit. Leveraging the power and flexibility of Stretch S7100 software configurable processors, the VRM7008HD supports NTSC/PAL, Effio, and HDcctv on a per channel basis. The VRM7008HD can auto-detect between these three standards on each of its eight video input channels to provide the video surveillance industry with its first tri-mode standalone DVR.

The new VRM7008HD can capture and compress eight channels of video using the Stretch H.264 High Profile and Scalable Video CODECs and features the same Stretch Intelligent Encoder found across all Stretch products. Video can be scaled and tiled into user-defined layout for display through the HDMI interface in full 1080p HD or via the VGA port for connection to a standard computer monitor.

"Until now, installers have had to deal with incompatible standards," said Mark Oliver, Stretch director of product marketing. "Our combination of hardware and software technologies provides true hybrid capability and allows installers to mix cameras with different standards. In this way, customers can migrate to high definition without an expensive retrofit."

"Stretch S7100 devices are software configurable and deliver the power and flexibility required for universal decode," continued Mr. Oliver. "Their software-defined architecture means that our designs are future proof and will remain fully compatible with new and emerging standards such as HDcctv 2.0, which provides for up the cable control of HDcctv devices and bi-directional audio."

"The Stretch VRM7008HD provides great new ways to move from CCTV to high definition video," commented Todd Rockoff, executive director of the HDcctv Alliance. "The VRM7008HD seamlessly handles both standard definition and high definition streams, enabling security customers to add in some HDcctv feeds without having to entirely retrofit legacy installations. Moreover, Stretch's unique tri-mode capability makes it even easier for security installers to mix and match technologies: Any kind of non-IP camera works with a tri-mode DVR, without any fuss! As more customers seek the clarity of high definition surveillance, Stretch's tri-mode capability allows migration to the HDcctv standard free from the tradeoffs that sole-purpose DVR interfaces impose."

The VRM7008HD features dual USB ports to allow direct connection of a keyboard and mouse to the system and dual high speed Ethernet ports for network connectivity and remote storage and viewing of video content. Nine channels of SATA provide local disk storage of captured video.

The VRM7008HD is available as production-ready OEM units for volume manufacture, or as either evaluation (EVK) or full reference design (RDK) kits. Stretch EVKs are intended for evaluation purposes and produce watermarked streams. Stretch RDKs can be used as the basis for highly differentiated derivative designs and include hardware design files and a distribution license for the supplied software. All kits contain a complete software load for the board, a sample host application, and source code for all included software (the Stretch Intelligent Encoder and CODEC plug-ins are supplied as object code). For more information on the VRM7008HD, please contact sales@stretchinc.com.

About Stretch Stretch Inc. is the world leader in software configurable processors, the first to embed programmable logic within the processor. Using familiar C/C++ programming tools, system developers automatically configure Stretch's off-the-shelf processors to achieve extraordinary performance, easy and rapid development, significant cost savings, and flexibility to address diverse markets and changing application needs. Stretch devices are used in video processing, machine vision and wireless applications worldwide. For more information, visit www.stretchinc.com.

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