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Press Release
August 30, 2011

Stretch Shipping World's Broadest Portfolio of SVC Compatible PCIe Cards

VRC7016LX and VRC7008L Round Out Portfolio of 8, 16 and 32 Channel Cards Featuring the Flexibility of the H.264 Scalable Video CODEC (SVC)

SUNNYVALE, Calif., August 30th 2011 – Stretch Inc., the pioneer and leader in software configurable processors, today announced the release of its VRC7008L and VRC7016LX PCIe DVR add-in cards. Both cards are powered by Stretch S7000 family processors and use the Stretch H.264 High Profile CODEC to deliver the surveillance industry's best video quality. The VRC7008L uses a single S7100 processor to compress 8 channels of D1 video and features a user-configurable spot monitor output. The VRC7016LX features two S7110 processors, can compress 16 channels of D1 video, and has two channels of spot monitor output. Using the spot monitor outputs, multiple channels of video can be scaled, tiled, and displayed in user-defined layouts on a standard definition monitor. This eliminates the need for additional analog output cards and reduces the cost of surveillance installations.

Both the VRC7008L and VRC7016LX cards are delivered with the Stretch Scalable Video CODEC (SVC). Stretch SVC produces a single compressed stream that can be easily parsed to produce streams of different complexity and bandwidth requirements. The compressed video can be adapted to match the available network bandwidth and decode capabilities of the client. SVC can be used to transit bandwidth-constrained networks to make video available to a variety of client devices, irrespective of their location or compute performance. SVC streams also can be parsed to reduce their storage requirements over time to retain a valid video archive for longer periods than would otherwise be possible. This reduces both operating and storage costs.

Both cards feature a single channel of eAIM. This high speed interface is used to connect together Stretch cards within a system and provides a high bandwidth link for transferring video between cards, without host processor intervention. "These new low profile cards are a great addition to the Stretch product portfolio," said Mark Oliver, Stretch product marketing director. "The unprecedented video quality, combined with high channel density and the connectivity of the eAIM interface, sets new standards for the surveillance industry. By adding spot monitor and eAIM outputs to these cards, Stretch has created not only powerful capture and compression cards, but also versatile display systems."

The VRC7008L and VRC7016LX are available as high volume OEM products and as reference designs. Reference designs are intended for evaluation, integration, and development of highly differentiated derivative products; OEM units are delivered with a full firmware load and require only host application software to be shipped as complete DVR solutions. Both cards are compatible with the standard Stretch software development kit (SDK), ensuring rapid time to market and complete system compatibility with all other Stretch products.

The VRC7008L and VRC7016LX are available immediately. For more information and pricing, please contact sales@stretchinc.com.

About Stretch
Stretch Inc. is the world leader in software configurable processors, the first to embed programmable logic within the processor. Using familiar C/C++ programming tools, system developers automatically configure Stretch's off-the-shelf processors to achieve extraordinary performance, easy and rapid development, significant cost savings, and flexibility to address diverse markets and changing application needs. Stretch devices are used in video processing, machine vision and wireless applications worldwide. For more information, visit www.stretchinc.com.

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