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Intelligent Encoder SDK
Intelligent Encoder SDK
The Stretch Intelligent Encoder Software Development Kit (IE SDK) is a highly integrated video processing and compression solution optimized for Stretch software configurable processors. CODEC Plug-ins for the Intelligent Encoder include H.264 AVC, H.264 SVC, the scalable video CODEC extension to H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG. Streams encoded with the H.264 SVC CODEC can be parsed using the Stretch SVC extractor to generate compressed streams of different resolutions and frame rates in either H.264 AVC or H.264 SVC format

A video pre-processing front end is integrated into the SDK to provide motion adaptive de-interlacing, scaling, and chroma decimation, as well as a suite of video analytic algorithms. The tight coupling of these video analytics with the CODEC core gives the Intelligent Encoder SDK the ability to dynamically adapt its behavior to the requirements of the video stream being processed.

This ability to dynamically adapt its parameters makes the Intelligent Encoder an ideal solution for video surveillance applications. When scenes contain little or no motion, the encoder can reduce the frame rate or resolution to reduce either bandwidth or storage consumption. When motion is detected within the scene, the built-in analytics can direct the CODEC to increase frame rate, resolution, or compression settings to increase the video quality. The API of the Intelligent Encoder allows privacy regions and regions of interest to be defined to focus where analytics should be applied.

The Intelligent Encoder is also a powerful decode engine that accepts input streams from both Stretch plug-ins and third party CODECs to produce decoded video for display. A built-in scaling and captioning engine gives the Intelligent Encoder the ability to scale decoded and live video for tiled displays and to add user defined captions that can be alpha blended onto the video stream.