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Stretch Reference Design Kits
Stretch Reference Design Kits
Stretch has reference designs for high definition and small footprint IP cameras, DVR PCIe add-in cards, and standalone DVRs. All Stretch reference designs are available as both Evaluation Reference Design Kits (EVK) and Full Reference Design Kits (RDK).


Stretch IP Camera Reference Design Kits


Stretch DVR Reference Design Kits


Stretch Standalone DVR Reference Design Kits

EVK Reference Design Kits

Stretch EVK kits are designed to give customers everything they need to evaluate a reference design and to start preliminary design of their own product. EVK kits contain:

  • Reference design hardware
  • An Ethernet based debug solution
  • A Stretch Debug Module
  • Source code for:
    • all firmware included with the kit (when delivered Intelligent Encoder is delivered as object code)
    • host based applications and drivers
  • An evaluation license for the Stretch Intelligent Encoder where appropriate

Stretch EVKs allow customers to evaluate stretch technology, conduct design and development work, and optimize product design before purchasing a distribution license.

RDK Reference Design Kits

Stretch RDK Kits provide customers everything they need to design and build differentiated products based on the reference design. RDKs contain the same hardware and software as EVK kits plus the following items:

  • Hardware design files for the reference design
    • Schematics
    • PCB design files
    • Bills of Materials
  • A distribution license for the Intelligent Encoder where appropriate

Using an RDK, customers can design derivative products based on the RDK, then manufacture and distribute the product under their own brand.