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S6000 Family Software Configurable Processors
The S6000 family of processors is based on Stretch's revolutionary S6 SCP Engine. Key features include:
  • 3X performance increase over previous generations of Stretch software configurable processors
  • 2nd Generation ISEF for increased Extension Instruction performance
  • Dedicated Programmable Accelerator with pre-optimized Audio/Video and wireless accelerators
  • Scalable architecture with Processor Array interface for zero overhead inter-chip communication
  • High performance I/Os with dedicated video/data ports, PCIe, and triple speed Ethernet MAC


Every S6000 processor is powered by the Stretch® S6 SCP Engine, which incorporates the Tensilica® Xtensa® LX VLIW processor core and a second generation Stretch Instruction Set Extension Fabric (ISEF). The addition of high speed DMA channels and 64KB of embedded RAM within the ISEF make the S6000 family the ideal processing platform for video and wireless applications.

For more details on the S6000 Family of products, view the Architecture White Paper or download the S6000 Family product brief.