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IP Camera Reference Design Kit
S6105 IP Camera Reference Design Kit
The Stretch IP Camera Reference Design Kit (RDK) is a multi-standard, high definition, production ready design based on the revolutionary S6105 Software Configurable Processor. Optimized for low material costs and high performance, this reference design provides a breakthrough feature set and price point while retaining sufficient processor bandwidth for leading edge video analytics or proprietary image processing.

The IP Camera RDK application software is built on the Stretch Intelligent Encoder Software Development Kit (SDK) and uses its built in video analytics to adapt its encode algorithms in real time. In this way, the SDK can be configured to encode with either constant quality, constant bit rate or a user defined combination of the two. The Intelligent Encoder SDK delivers unprecedented flexibility through a rich API library that can be used by application software to configure resolutions, frame rates, and CODEC standards.

The Stretch IP Camera Reference Design Kit is capable of performing H.264 compression at 30fps on video streams with resolutions up to 1.3 Mega pixels (Mp) with simultaneous G.711 or G.726 audio encode. MJPEG compression can also be selected and is supported at the full frame rate and resolution of the supplied sensor. When performing H.264 compression on standard definition (D1) streams at 30fps, only 25% of the processing power is consumed. The remaining compute power is available for processing additional streams or performing video analytics. Intelligence built into the encoder allows users to define regions of interest in which to focus stream analysis or define privacy regions and to configure motion, blind, night, and scene change detection. With the built-in web server, users can easily configure the camera from a standard web browser.

IP Camera Reference Design Kit

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