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Stretch VDC6004
4 Channel PCIe Decode and Display Card
The Stretch VDC6004 is a 4 channel decode and display add-in card. Featuring a single S6100 software configurable processor, the VDC6004 can decode up to four independent H.264 encoded D1 streams for display via its four NTSC/PAL audio/video analog outputs. The card's high bandwidth PCIe interface ensures that multiple channels of full frame rate, uncompressed D1 video also can be passed from the host system to the VDC6004 to be scaled and displayed. Used in this way, the VDC6004 is a powerful display processor, combining live and decoded video feeds into a user-defined tiled format on each of its four display outputs.

The flexibility of the Stretch S6100 software configurable processor used on the VDC6004 means that multiple CODEC standards can be simultaneously supported by simply loading the appropriate software decode plug-in. The software defined architecture of the S6100 ensures that the card will remain compatible with future generation CODECs.

Key Features:

  • 4 Channels of NTSC/PAL analog audio and video outputs
  • 4 Channels of full frame rate H.264 D1 Decode
  • Direct video display pass-through for multiple spot monitor capability
  • User-defined tiling of multiple live and decoded video streams

The VDC6004 is available as both a full Reference Design Kit (RDK) and as a production-ready OEM product. The RDK includes hardware design files, drivers, and source code for both the card firmware and host software. The RDK provides developers with everything they need to build highly differentiated products derived from the VDC6004 design. OEM units contain a pre-compiled firmware image and include drivers required for interfacing the card to a host system. Libraries for the card's software developers kit (SDK) are also included with the OEM cards to ensure rapid porting of host application software.

Key Benefits:

  • 4 channel spot monitor capability with hardware decode
  • "Live View" video pass though to multiple monitors
  • Multi-stream, multi-CODEC capability for maximum compatibility
  • Future-proof software-defined architecture for future stream compatibility


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