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Stretch VRM6016
16 Channel Hybrid Standalone DVR Reference Design
The Stretch VRM6016 is a versatile, standalone DVR reference design that features Stretch S6000 family software configurable processors. Setting a new performance point for the surveillance industry, the VRM6016 uses up to eight S6000 devices to:

  • Encode up to 16 channels of D1 video
  • Decode up to 32 channels of H.264 encoded D1 video
  • Scale and tile two high definition HDMI outputs
  • Scale and tile a D1 resolution analog output
  • Scale and tile a VGA resolution output

The VRM6016 reference design can be the starting point for a portfolio of products, each with highly optimized material costs. The scalability of S6000 family devices means that derivative designs with as few as three S6000 devices can easily be created to implement a subset of the functionality of the full eight-chip design.

The VRM6016 is a self-contained standalone DVR design and features an MPC8377 PowerPC running the Linux operating system. This provides a powerful processor on which to run DVR application software. The VRM6016 uses the same Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API) found in all Stretch DVR reference designs, ensuring rapid porting of application code.

The VRM6016 features hexaplex operation to support live view, recording, decoding, backup, IP camera control, and remote viewing simultaneously at resolutions from D1 to full high definition. Dual HDcctv compliant inputs give the VRM6016 native high definition capability.

Fully supported by standard Stretch tools, the VRM6016 is not only a fully functional DVR, but also a powerful development platform. It is fully compatible with the Stretch Intelligent Encoder and CODEC plugins, including the Stretch H.264 Scalable Video CODEC (SVC).

Key Benefits:

  • Fully featured reference design with diverse I/O standards for rapid development of derivative products
  • Linux operating system for rapid porting of application software
  • H.264 SVC capable for easy file and stream management
  • Stretch Intelligent Encoder for optimum bit rate and image quality

Key Features:

  • Versatile software-defined architecture
  • High performance system I/O:
    • Sixteen analog video input channels
    • Two HDcctv compliant input channels
    • Two HDMI output
    • One VGA output
    • One D1 analog output
    • Two gigabit Ethernet ports
    • Seven SATA channels
    • One eSATA channel
    • Four USB channels
  • Eight alarm inputs and four alarm outputs
  • PowerPC processor running Linux
  • HDcctv High Definition capability
  • Stretch Intelligent Encoder Running H.264 SVC, AVC, MPEG4 and MJPEG
  • Complete software load including sample application


More Information:

For more information, please contact Stretch sales at sales@stretchinc.com

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